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DJ K.I.P. of Invizzible Music

DJ, producer, founder of Invizzible Music
Influences - West Coast hip-hop,G-Funk, R´n´B
1991 - 2000 - member of N.N.P. /hip-hop group/
2006 Founder of Invizzible Music - Company and name of the group
DJ K.I.P - 1st solo album called It´z My Turn released by Invizzible Music / February 2011
Anotha album called Grooves released by Invizzible Music / March 2011
Next album called Remixes released on June 2011
All albumz u can find at iTunes, Amazon, Myspace Music and more retailers
Invizzible Music are : DJ K.I.P. - production, music and co-producers - Tha Dazz, Tha Jazzy, On-Dro